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Christmas Sermons, Children's Sermons, Dramas

“The preacher’s instinct is that which feels instantly how Christ and human need belong together; Christ is not too far off for the need, nor the need too insignificant for Christ. There is a human side of every truth ”  - Phillips Brooks

Christmas Sermons

The Peace of Christ or Christmas
Luke 2:1-14

Do You See What I See
Luke 2:22-23

Everything Has A Crack In It
Luke 2:33-35

The Gloria
Luke 2:1-14

Emmanuel: God With Us
Matthew 1:19-25

The Long Walk Is The Gift
Matthew 2:1-12

The Liberator
Luke 2:1-14

Magic and Miracle
John 1:1-18

Everywhere, Christmas Tonight
Luke 2:1-14

The Word Became Flesh

John 1:1-18

Christmas Children's Sermons

Amos, The Shepherd Boy

Abbie, the Littlest Angel

Artaban and the Three Jewels


The Best Christmas Gift

The Perfect Hallelujah Sound

Christmas Dramas

Annual Meeting of the Archangels 
By Edward F. Markquart

The Humble Hotel 
By Edward F. Markquart

The Visit of St. Nicholas 

adapted from…

Waiting for the Christmas Guest   
adapted from…

When Joseph Doubted 
adapted from…

Christ Was Born For This?
By Darlene Swanson Malmo

Off Limits Shepherds 
adapted from ….

Christmas Dramas
Seven Christmas dramas are available for you on this website. All seven Christmas plays are very good and make fine sermons. Grace Lutheran Church has developed a tradition of having a Christmas play on the Fourth Sunday of Advent. The Fourth Sunday of Advent is called The First Sunday Before Christmas and members expect a Christmas play for the sermon. The plays are rotated every seven years. 

Why seven Christmas dramas? We have only found seven dramas that "have worked" for us. If your congregation has used any other Christmas dramas that you have found to be unusally effective, please email us a copy of that drama to SERMONS FROM SEATTLE. Thank you.

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