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Waiting for the Christmas Guest

The First Sunday before Christmas 

(Watch The Video )

Originally by Edwin Markham and adapted by Janet Meili

(This class drama was originally written by Edwin Markham and was entitled, HOW THE GREAT GUEST CAME. His original drama was then adapted by Janet Meili and entitled, WAITING FOR THE CHRISTMAS GUEST. The rights to this play by Janet Meili are owned by Contemporary Drama Service, Box 7710, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80933-7710, 1-800-937-5297. Copyright@ 1978 Meriwether Publishing LTD. All rights to this script and the video rights of this script belong to Contemporary Drama Service in Colorado Springs and a person wanting to produce this excellent play must first contact Contemporary Drama Service for permission to reproduce the play. The rights to produce this play are inexpensive.)

(The scene is a cobbler shop attached to a home. There are some shoes and boots on a shelf in the shop, Stage Left. Also a cobbler's bench and a plain bench, fireplace is UP Center with a rocking chair near Down Center is a table with a white cloth set for three, with three chairs. A manger scene stands on a small table, Right. In the upper Right corner are pegs with Conrad’s jacket and muffler hanging on them. Entrances are Down Right with a curtained window next to it, and Center Left Upstage. There are greens on the fireplace mantle, and on the shelf in the shop.)

TIME: Christmas Eve

Make sure that you order the play. It is superb. Watch the video of the play to see how one congregation staged it.

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